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A Return to a Group Run on the Hill

Note : All the follow plans will change instantly if there are any positive cases around Griffith / changed Govt guidelines ...  / any other health concern

From This Saturday July 25 we will be returning to a "normal" Joggers Hill Run, from the usual start / finish area at the green water towers opposite Pioneer Park Museum.

Virtual Run Option

We understand there are good reasons for many Joggers to feel uncomfortable with returning to a group run, so we will also be allowing Joggers to run "virtual" and send in times as you have been for the past few months.  This arrangement is open ended but not permanent.

Should You Attend?

Firstly, do not come to the group run if you have any flu symptoms, have been overseas, to any hotspots, had any contact with ... blah, blah, you know the drill ... if you are unsure of anything, do a "virtual" run on your own and submit your time.  DON'T BE A DICK!

Sign In

There will be no parking in the normal meeting area.   The sign-in area will be shifted south (near the bend in the road).   At sign-in there will be temperature testing.   Extremely important that you maintain distance from the helpers entering you onto the tablets.  Once signed in there is plenty of room to mingle and wait while keeping distanced.  There will be bollards and tape and witches hats to guide you.  

We Must Keep an Attendance Register

For Joggers this will be your entry on the tablet and your details in our database.  For non-runners there will be a sign-on book, just like at the cafe ... name, phone etc

Spacing Yourselves on Course

The least safe part of the event will be running in single file along narrow foot tracks.  Ideally we would like a strong crosswind ... that is unlikely to be the case.  Running 1.5m behind a fellow runner is NOT safe.

Consider this calculation,

a slow runner pace is 6min/km

which is 360sec/1000m

which is 0.36sec/m.

Multiply that by 1.5m and you get 0.54sec.

At a 1.5m spacing you will be entering the zone of the runner ahead in half a second, less if you are a faster runner.  This runner is blowing out the deep contents of their lungs, and you could be sucking that deep into your own lungs.   The normal 1.5m spacing is NOT safe. 

We strongly recommend you maintain a spacing of at least 5 metres from a runner ahead.

When you need to overtake :

     can you wait for a fire trail?

     on the fire trails, use the full width of the track

     on the narrow foot tracks, stay back until you see an opportunity to go wide, overtake with careful haste

     continue quickly to get away from the overtaken runner, don't be a dick by slowing in front of them

     the overtaken runner, drop back to make a 5m gap.

(We realise all this may not be easy ... do the best you can)

Spacing Multiple Starters

If there are multiple starters in any time group then you will wait in single file (1.5m apart) behind the brick start line.  The first runner goes on time, when they get to the mat then the next person departs, the line shuffles forward after each person departs.  Any serious time delays we can adjust later.

Disclaimer : There could be changes to the above arrangements at any time.