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Hall of fame

"Recognising a Feral Legend"

Our Hall of Fame recognises the "legends" of our club, those who live and breathe being a Feral, those who have reached major milestones and those who have done some pretty special things in their time with the club.

  • Scott Green

    Inducted 2023. Scott is the highest achieving Feral that most people have never heard of. Excelled in running, cycling and triathlon. Started as a rookie in Griffith and took on the World. Joined March 1991. First triathlon June 1991. Club President 1994-7. Best C2S time 48ish. Member of Feral's Oppy All Day team 1996-7. Palmares : Winner 1993 Bacchus, 6th in 1996 World Triathlon Chship Age group, 2006 Ironman Korea Champ, SATriathlete of the Year 2004 & 5, SA road cycle time trial champ 2006, multiple SATriathlon Championships 2001-6.

  • Vince Restagno

    Inducted 2022 : Vince (113) loves horse racing and Hill running. He has stupendous weeks and knackery tempting weeks, but he keeps coming back. Never shies away from a chat, be it in-depth or meaningless drivel, with every Feral that has passed through the Hill. He is always one of the last to leave. Joined : under pressure 1996. Palmares : Bacchus Comp 1999, 2003, 2005, 2007, 2012, 2021. Surfer Comp 2015. Lakesview Classic 2005, 2007, 2009, 2010. Golden Jogger 2009. Quote : “I’ve gotta tell you something ..."

  • 2017 John Dodd

    John Dodd

    Inducted 2017. John (142) has become infamous as the yoyo of the Joggers, a winner one week and last place the next. Joined : Hotfoot of Oct 90. He would have you believe he's never won a trophy, but it's not true. Palmares : Arsova 1997 & 2004 / Shanks 2003 / WardleWaddle 1999 & 2016 / The first Golden Jogger, now pushing 7000km. Quote : "I like sponsoring, it's cheaper than a gym m'ship"

  • 2017 Dom Calabria

    Dom Calabria

    Inducted 2017. Dom (30) is one of the few runners who can say he has lead (almost) every race on the Hill. Joined July 1990. Palmares : 1992 Shanks / 2010 Shanks Short / 2000 Arsova / 2006 became the 2nd Golden Jogger, now over 6000km / 1995 inaugural WardleWaddle. Quote : "I just love the Joggers, they are a great bunch of people"

  • David Slattery

    Inducted 2018. David (894) is infamous for running on the Hill on Saturday then driving to the C2S. Responsible for a number of WW rule changes to save him from his own enthusiasm. Allegedly had his running gear under his best man suit at his Dad's wedding at Pioneer Park, stripping off as he ran across the road to the start line. Joined April 1997. Palmares : Arsova 1998/2001/7, Surfer 1998/9, Winter 2003. Golden Jogger 2010. WardleWaddle 2004/8/9/10/11.

  • Arthur West

    Inducted 2019. Joined : 70's! Arthur was a jogger before they were declared feral. He ran nearly every Saturday from 1976 to 1997 and was the bookkeeper and handicapper. In 1979 Arthur had a spectacular trip over a cypress pine stump which he dug up and turned into the Arsova trophy. He also made the Hotfoot trophy from two old sandshoes from the tip. Palmeres : Arsova 1988, Hotfoot 1984 and possibly 1978.

  • John Johns

    Inducted 2021. John (164) is infamous for the modes of transport used to arrive on the Hill, his virtual run timing method, his attention to pre-race briefings, his use of a shoe tag (sometimes). Slasher of the Bacchus track. He has been on the Hill since the early 1970’s - did he join the Ferals or did the Ferals join him? Palmares: 2008 Arsova, 2020 Half on the Hill, has contested every Easter Bacchus. Quote: "There is only so much fuel in the tank, and I don't waste it training."

  • Di Keenan

    Inducted 2021. Di (2509) is regular on the City2Surf bus and is a Dancing Queen at the Icebergs. Di is a member of the Santa gang at Christmas and always has a cheesy smile even when the going is tough. Joined July 03. On the committee from 2005 to 2018. Palmares: 2006 & 2020 Winter, 2014 Surfer. Quote “I love the eclectic mix of people and of course the beers.”

  • Tracey Josling

    Inducted 2020. Achieved infamy in 2011 as the 1.5m entrant to the City2Surf. Joined : 2000. Aka "bed & bus", Tracey organises the C2S trip and uses the event to raise money for charities. Has served on the committee. Doesn’t mind a social event. A true Feral who trains hard, runs hard and beams a smile after every run. Palmares : Bacchus winner 2007/14, Half on the Hill winner 2011/12/13/15, Hotfoot 2004, Golden Jogger 2008, Lakesview Classic 2011/12. Quote : “I love the satisfaction and the rush of endorphins after a run.''

  • Ed Frkovic

    Inducted 2020. Ed is an infamous social Feral noted for being one of the last to leave a function, and sporting a bright red tulle tutu for the pre-Christmas run. Joined : August 1988. Ed has served on the Feral committee and volunteers on the setting up roster. Ed has been the club bagman, booking Pioneer Park for presentation nights and ensuring everyone paid up. A regular on the Surfer bus trip. Palmares : Inaugural Bacchus Long 1996, Golden Jogger 2008, Cool Kat 2014. Quote : “I only run once a week, I like the companionship of the Ferals”

  • Teresa Burgess

    Inducted 2018. Teresa (1674) is the Joggers greatest "away event" representative. Joined : 25 Feb 1995. Palmares : Hotfoot 2003. Multiple competition fastest times : Bacchus in 2004/5/7/12/15 : Winter in 1995/2001/3/4/7/8/10/11 : Surfer in 2003/4/8/11/12/13 : Arsova in 1995/2002/4/8 : Hotfoot in 2002/3/4/7/8/9/14. Multiple Marathon & Six Foot Track finishes. Golden Jogger 2012. Quote : "I find it frustrating to be slowing down". So frustrated that she embarked on a quest for the Big Six marathons - Berlin, London, New York and Chicago are down. Two to go.

If you wish to nominate a feral for Hall of Fame, there is no form to complete, simply send your info to the committee, addressing the criteria in the Policy.