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Feral Postcards

Date: Wednesday, June 28, 2017

From: Neil

Melburn Roobiax

Officially the ride is just 38km ... so why did it take us all day?

Well its first of all a leisurely start ... no race this ... start any time between 9 and 10 at the Hawthorn velodrome.  Ride at a crawl thru the streets, parks and back alleys of leafy Hawthorn ... a crawl because of the traffic jams of riders.  And just as well because there is no way I could have navigated thru this on my own, this is follow the leader and hope they know the way better than some Joggers who shall remain nameless.  There's a map to follow, and a lovely map it is too, worth framing, but half of Melbourne on a one page sheet ain't an easy call, so now I could see why they supplied a magnifying glass in the musette.

Food and coffee stops took a while, and the weigh-in at the Temple Brewing Company to win your weight in beer, of course had to be followed by a taste of what we hoped to win.  And then we got lost a few times ... well not lost, I knew where I was ... but where the hell is that sector of pave we need to pound and tick off?  I don't think Elio was impressed when I said we had to return down the biggest hill of the day cos we missed sector 4.

It was about here that we overtook the guy struggling with the steel framed bedhead converted to bicycle (he won the best mount of the day) and soon after got overtaken by the team of astronauts lead by a kid towing the boombox equiped rocket (best team of 4).  Also spotted Phillipa Shotglass and Ben Dover on their Priscilla inspired tandem with billowing silver banner (best team of 2).

The odometer said we covered 60km before we got to the finish at Brunswick velodrome.

A great day, a great way to see the back alleys of Melburn and ride the bluestone cobbles which are past of the city's history, and it's always great to ride a well organised event, and be amongst other two wheeled, pedal powered enthusiasts.

(Melburn-Roobaix is a relaxed take on the famous race Paris-Roubaix)

Date: Sunday, May 14, 2017

From: Carmel & friends

Laughs, Butterflies, Medals

Hi Ho we are back on the road again, this time to our nation’s capital, Canberra, for the Australian Running Festival, where we all took part in the Half Marathon. Out of the 7, 5 of us completed our very first half. More on that soon.

The road trip was as per usual, laughs, heaps of talking and the mandatory stop for coffee. My husband decided to come away with us this time, somehow I don’t think he was quite sure what he got himself into, but he did have a great time away. Friday night we all arrived at a reasonable time not the usual 10pm, we were able to have a lovely tea, catch up with my 2 cherubs before heading off to our accommodation. Saturday was shopping again but not a big one as some ended up going to the art gallery for the Versace display and the rest decided to head back to the unit. Tea was just a short stroll to Kingston, yum yum.

Sunday arrived, I know I had butterflies as I wasn’t really sure what I had got myself into but then the rest were up and nerves started to settle. A crisp autumn morning at the start line in front of Old Parliament House, so many starters and soon it was our time. Wished everyone success, off we went, what a great morning for a run. Halfway mark we saw Linda our banana girl. Louanne was running with me, we laughed, talked, took advantage of photo opportunities along the way. We did manage to see Donna and Carissa along the way however not the others.  Our aim along the way was to stay ahead of the cut-off  time which we had achieved. About an hour into the run the skies had opened and we spent the next hr or so in the rain, not a cold rain. In true feral form we all completed the run, the rain was not going to stop us. Hugs and cheers were at the finish line and that lovely half marathon medal. Quite an achievement.

Back to Kingston for warm showers and heading to lunch at the Harcourt Inn in Gold Creek. A great place for meals folks if ever in need of yummy food and the atmosphere is great. And now it was time to leave our nation’s capital and head home where our final stop was in Harden for the mandatory cuppa and to reflect on what we had achieved. Not only was it another great weekend away but most important a memorable one. Louanne Donna Carissa Mirella and I all completed our first Half Marathon, Julie and Janelle their third.


Date: Saturday, February 11, 2017

From: Carmel

Perfect Queensland

Just completed an early morning run in Caloundra on the Sunshine Coast during a recent holiday, mid-January. Perfect weather the entire time we were there, somehow with recent temperatures that we have been experiencing I somehow wish I was still there.

Date: Saturday, November 5, 2016

From: Judith

Greetings from Tigers Nest Bhutan

Pleased to say I made it to tigers nest bhutan.  The air mighty thin [3120m : ed] but steadily did it.   I will never run a marathon but by heck I don't mind a bit of a walk, regards judith

Date: Tuesday, October 18, 2016

From: Teresa

Only Five To Go!?

BMW Berlin Marathon Germany 25/09/2016

Two years ago the seed was planted when Kim and I watched the world record being set by Dennis Kimetto 2:02:57 at the Berlin Marathon. I messaged a close friend of mine who was in Germany visiting their son at the time and she replied let's make it a plan 2016 you run Berlin and we will come and watch.

This was my first International Marathon, over 40,000 runners. I entered through Travelling Fit, (guaranteed entry) very hard to get into Berlin and I had not run a qualifying time so the ballot was the only way, which was unsuccessful last November.

So exciting, first trip to Europe, such a "world-class event that now proudly boasts 10 world records." - Horst Milde.

Australia's own Steve Moneghetti won in 1990, he not only won but was the first runner to break 2hr 10min, his time of 2:08:16 was the fastest in the world which helped pave the way for Berlin to become the world record breaking race over the next 27 years.

As per Horst Milde the race director at the time, "The 17th Berlin Marathon was an athletic international sensation - three days prior to German unification" he says "East and West Berlin had been divided for 28 years and that years race was the first time a marathon could lead through both parts of the city again." Next year Mona will return to Berlin, for the first time since 1990.

This years race was won by Kenenisa Bekele 2:03:03 and he only missed breaking the world record by 6secs.

The highlight of the race for me was not only running in the company of such elite runners in an international event but to run through the Brandenburg Gate with the finish line in sight and the cheering crowd. I was happy with my time of 3:48.

It was fantastic to have Kim, two of our children Sarah and Liam and Sarah's partner Alistair and our close friends Andrea Jordan and her husband Frank Cotroneo there to cheer me on. Also to provide me with German beer and German sausage when I finished.

As Berlin is one of the six marathons in the Abbott World Majors the seed has been planted again, only 5 to go! Would love to complete the world majors, so maybe here I come: New York, Boston, Chicago, London and Tokyo.  [That's a definite maybe? : Ed]