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Feral Postcards

Date: Sunday, 28 May 2023

From: Wendy

International Debut

Edinburgh Half Marathon

So much anticipation and trepidation leading up to this run. Then the excitement of getting to Edinburgh to visit my daughter and run my first overseas event.  10,000 competitors for the half marathon lined up at the start at 8am in the old part of the city. The weather was perfect. With a downhill run to the coast and then out to Musselborough this was a fast course (for some); the winning female ran the course in 1:14:48.

I was more than happy to run the course at a comfortable pace taking a few photos here and there. A 10 minute wait for a portaloo half way was a bummer.  Thank you Anna and Janelle for letting me join your morning runs; training was so much easier with company. This was my 13th half marathon and after a couple of covid years I thought it might be my last. Training runs on my own were slow and hard but it's amazing what can happen on the day; I think an away event for me is the key from now on.

Date: Saturday, 22 April 2023

From: Neil

Another Thousand Steps

You may know the Thousand Steps in the Dandenongs (actually 780).  There is a brand new Thousand Steps in Bacchus Marsh which is a touch over the thousand so you won't feel ripped off. Newly completed, then renovated after a massive storm, it will be developed further with a sculpture park at the top to add to the massive view back to the city and Geelong.

1014 steps I'm told.  150 metres vertical.  Current Strava records for the Up are 6:43 for men and 9:52 for women.  17:48 for me.  Very popular morning walk for locals.

The start of the Thousand Steps at Bacchus Marsh (Darley) is just one minute north of the Western Freeway from Melbourne to Ballarat.  A recommended detour for any Feral on the road, or as a day trip from Melbourne.

Date: Sunday, 5 March 2023

From: Teresa

Japan was a Blast

We are managing the train system very well, so many friendly helpful people. Crossed the famous Scramble Square at Shibuya!  Marathon tomorrow!
I finished! Great day, doesn’t get any easier these days! Happy with 4:10 and a qualifier for Boston in my age group by 10mins! Fingers crossed I get in next year and then that completes my 6 Abbott World Marathon Majors!
Waiting at Haneda airport for our flight home, have had a fabulous holiday. Really enjoyed Japan, the marathon, the places and the people. Would totally recommend it as a place to visit!

Date: Saturday, 26 November 2022

Running Route 66

Hi Fellow Ferals,
Whilst on our road trip along Route 66 we swung by Springfield, for a bit of Yankee history, and then onto St. Louis where I caught up with ‘The Runner’! The locals were very impressed with both my style and speed.
Regards Bob
PS. My Blinky knee is recovering well, though as I explained to the locals, was having a bit of a negative impact on my speed.

Date: Friday, 8 February 2019

From: Teresa

I Performed for Trump ... no, Deek

New York Marathon was 4th November, Kim and another 2 friends from Griffith came to cheer me on!

New York starts on Staten Island on the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge and finishes in Central Park Manhattan. Running through the five Burroughs of New York : Staten Island, The Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn and Manhattan.

A very early start, left the hotel by 6am and my wave didn’t start until 10:40am, so lots of waiting around at the start. [Like the good old days of C2S : ed]  Very well catered for with coffee, bagels etc to help yourself too. We were very lucky with the weather it was a perfect day with a high of 13 and a sunny sky.

The highlight of New York Marathon was meeting Robert DeCastella and his Indigenous Marathon Project runners, they were also in our Travelling Fit group. A fabulous group of  very inspiring young people and supporters with individual stories to tell about their journey to make it to the start line of the 2018 New York Marathon.

At the moment the try outs for this years New York Marathon are on with trials happening in various places around Australia. All information can be found on their website: Indigenous Marathon Foundation www.imf.org.au

Three Abbott World Majors completed, three to go.   Will be off to Chicago this year in October, then only Tokyo and Boston to go!