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Welcome to the official home of the Griffith Feral Joggers

Here you can find all you need to know about running and triathlon in Griffith NSW.

The joggers meet every Saturday at the Green Water Tower opposite Pioneer Park at 4.30 pm or 5.30 pm in Daylight Saving Time.

Important Notices

COVID-19 and the Hill Run (updated Thurs April 2)

Here are the current guidelines and they have not significantly changed recently.

NSW Government Health Orders 
Public health orders have been issued to protect the community and reduce the spread of COVID-19 infection. You must stay at home unless you are going to;

  • work (where you can’t work remotely)
  • school or an educational institution
  • shop for food and essentials
  • get medical care or supplies
  • exercise.

Note that it says you may leave home to exercise.

How far are you allowed to travel for exercise?

No states have specific rules on the distance you are allowed to travel to exercise, however many have appealed for people to use “common sense”.
NSW – You are allowed to drive across town however you aren’t allowed to travel hours out of the city.

The Joggers have always been innovative.  You may think that things have always been the way they are, but this is not so.  Innovations include the WardleWaddle, constantly changing timing systems, added competitions, Shanks’ Pony Cup, Winery Swimabout, Virtual Triathlon, Lakesview Classic, Solstice Cup, Be Social Series, Half on the Hill, newsletters and then websites, course signage  … none of this existed when I first took over from Arthur West in the 80’s.  Some remain, some are history.

Now we adapt to the new challenge.  We do not want runs abandoned.  The Club can still offer a service to our members.

This week April 4

This week is the last race of the Bacchus Competition.  This race will be cancelled.  Congratulations to Steven Bourke on the Long, and Ella Savage in the Short, both deserving winners after seven of nine races.   Go early … go hard!

Next week April 10

This would have been the Flexible Solutions Bacchus on the Lake.  We will run a Virtual Bacchus.

After that

We will run a Virtual Winter Competition.

All the details and Q&A's on the page COVID-19 and the Hill Run.

You will need to read this to know what is happening.

The page will be updated as required, please continue to go back to it for the latest.  We will not be sending regular emails (they can be so annoying!)

And keep an eye on the Ferals Facebook page.

COVID-19 and the Bacchus (final decision)

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic the committee of the Griffith Feral Joggers has decided to cancel the 2020 Flexible Solutions Bacchus on the Lake. 
A separate announcement will be made at a later date in relation to the running of the weekly races.

 The thinking behind this decision included:

  • What will the national and local limitations be in two and a half weeks’ time.
  • Postponing the event leaves the question to when. That places the Club committee and general members in a state of limbo.
  • Since 1975 the Bacchus has been an open event with many past winners from out of town. A limited entry Bacchus is not a Bacchus in the true sense.
  • Staging of the Bacchus requires volunteers. Now is not the time to expose volunteers to potential risks.

If you were not there, this is what running in 42ºC looked like.  Hard, but fun!

Thanks to Maryanne and Dennis on water, and John on ice slurps.

A rerun of the Pine Belt Pacer's 53 Rules of Running - one each week.  (plus a few rules of our own) (feel free to send us your "rule")

Rule #62    Smile and thank the volunteers.

Slide Show above : Running at 42ºC