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This week

Note about results

How it Happened Dec 1

The Hotfoot competiton is considered by many Ferals as being the toughest of them all. The weather is hotting up, the course is hilly and there is very little (if any) cooling breezes to relieve the pain. To win this competition involves fitness, patience and consistency all of which are attributes of both the long and short course competition leaders.

This week's 6.1km long course results did very little to ease the congestion on the leaderboard. The top 6 in the competition all finished in the top 10 this week and, as a result, we now have each of these in with a real chance of taking the 2018 title. Adam ran within himself to grab another first place and, with it, the overall competition lead. He had to work hard for it though, holding out a fast finishing Aidan by just 1 second! Aidan managed the fastest time of the week and of the competition with a 23:49, which was not too bad given the heat on the day. Keith looked very comfortable in 3rd but Stewart, Mark and Michael had to fight hard for the next 3 positions.

A special mention needs to go out to the ever-consistent Roy. Showing that age is no barrier, Roy has finished inside the top 8 every week and no run has been any more than 30 seconds apart. Fiona was again the fastest lady with a time of 33:06.

Cooper came back with avegence in the short course this week. After strong showings in weeks 1 and 2 we were left wondering what his 14th placing last week meant. Clearly not much. Knocking over a minute off his previous best time, Cooper stormed across the line in first place. Just like Adam in the long course, that first place also gives Cooper the points score lead. He will be hard to unseat with just 3 runs remaining but his visit to the handicapper this week might be an unwelcome challenge.

Old timers Tony & Anthony easily took out 2nd and 3rd placings. Anthony in particular will be a real threat to Cooper's title ambitions if he can maintain his current form. Hamish in 4th was again easily the fastest person on the 3.1km short course. Back in the pack, Ava and Isabella fought it out for fastet junior female with Ava taking honours this week by a mere 1 second in a time of 14:49.

A reminder, that zero handicaps are only for the slowest runners and for the walkers, so if you do not fit this description and you are given zero, please enquire with the race director.  It is not usually our mistake, just that prior circumstances have dictated a zero which may need to be changed back (see below).

Also on start times, if you have a Short course handicap (say 8min) and you want to walk, note that we prefer if you walk off that handicap (8min) ... you won't finish far behind, and it saves us a lot of time and possible mistakes in adjustments to and fro (see above).


Couple of Reminders

Please be early to the start line – you should be entered before 5:20pm.

Did Not Finish?  We need to know. All non-finishers / short cutters / other issues - report to the race organiser.

Note about Results ... we are putting the results online, at the finish line, so your loved one can know what mood you're in before you get home.  (Will it be a hot bath or a cold shower?  Champagne, or a beer in the dog house?) However ... be aware that these are preliminary results and will almost always change when joggers are added, deleted and edited.  You may drop a few places, rise a few places, or even, heaven forbid, get disq'd.  So if the fine details matter to you, drop back again later.