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This week

Note about results

December 2014. That was the last time local legend Teresa stood proudly on the podium after a weekend hill run. 4 loooong years. In recent months she has pulled off a string of top 5 places (a couple of 2nd places amongst them) but today she was not to be beaten. Running at a pace not seen for quite some time, Teresa was never headed and left Steven in 2nd place with no chance of pulling her in. 

Vince and Rodney tied for 3rd with the later posting a super time. It was great to see Rodney back in form, injury free and enjoying his running. See, you don't need to shave your legs to have fun.

David was fastest male again. In fact, his 19:46 was his fastest time EVER with the Ferals. Fiona was not to be outdone, also posting her fastest time EVER. Fiona recorded a 25:04 at a pace of 4:38. Wow! 

I'm not sure what is in the water? Maybe the perfect weather is helping? Whatever it is, if Marg does not show up for the final 2 races of this comp, it is anyones title!

Over in the short course, Tony must have been on a promise, making a very rare appearance. He did it a little too easily so may be "rewarded" the next time he has a crack at this event. In 2nd, Ella is really starting to show some good pace and took a rarely-seen Annaleise close to the line.

The fight for the short course title is well and truly open with up to 9 Ferals in the running. Harry still holds a handy lead but a fast finishing Ava (again the fatest female of the day) is pushing him hard, as it brother James. These final 2 weeks will be very interesting.

Membership Renewal

You can now go online and renew membership for the coming year ... the portal is OPEN ... due date is Nov 9.  Elio wins the Mars Bar for being first to renew.

A reminder, that zero handicaps are only for the slowest runners and for the walkers, so if you do not fit this description and you are given zero, please enquire with the race director.  It is not usually our mistake, just that prior circumstances have dictated a zero which may need to be changed back.

Also on start times, if you have a Short course handicap (say 8min) and you want to walk, note that we prefer if you walk off that handicap (8min) ... you won't finish far behind, and it saves us a lot of time and possible mistakes in adjustments to and fro.


Couple of Reminders

Please be early to the start line – you should be entered before 4:20pm.

Did Not Finish?  We need to know. All non-finishers / short cutters / other issues - report to the race organiser.

Note about Results ... we are putting the results online, at the finish line, so your loved one can know what mood you're in before you get home.  (Will it be a hot bath or a cold shower?  Champagne, or a beer in the dog house?) However ... be aware that these are preliminary results and will almost always change when joggers are added, deleted and edited.  You may drop a few places, rise a few places, or even, heaven forbid, get disq'd.  So if the fine details matter to you, drop back again later.