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This week

How it Happened Sept 19

So how are you going in the COVID?  A bit less stressed lately?  Learning to cope?  With less uncertainty, the Virtual option is being wound back.  Of course you read the front page of the website which says "The virtual is for those who have health concerns regarding running with the group."  It never mentioned a free-for-all for other reasons!  So we would like to see more of our Virtual friends return to the Hill and be Real friends again.

We currently have around 50 on the Hill for Real and 30 Virtual.  That is way too many.  Please make an effort to be on the Hill.  Take note of our Covid safety plans.  Keep a distance.

The Virtual option will close for sure at the end of this comp ... except that anyone with continuing health concerns can talk to us directly for an exemption.

New ... did you notice the 2021 Joggers Program?

It was a story of new and old, young and old at the finish line of the Short.  New recruit old Warwick on his second outing ripped 8min off his debut to claim 1st, with old old Tom in 3rd.  Sandwiched between the two was old young Nate who recorded the fastest of his Hill career with a 4:17 pace!  He has been whipping himself every week but how much faster can he go?  Will he crash or crash thru?  Will he soar?  Will he crumple?  Pogačar went for all or none and look where it got him!  Nate passed me at the bottom of Doms with a "this is where it gets hard", but he didn't look like he was suffering.  No surprise that he was fastest, and so was Chloe at 9th despite running easier this week.  Further back, newish Florence was getting expert coaching from a master ... rule number one, have fun!

Did you note the other Tom news, he briefed the Joggers Committee meeting regarding Council and MI plans for constructions on Lake Wyangan, which include wetlands at the north end and a Causeway rebuild at the south end ... next years Bacchus could be "interesting".

In the Long, Britt claimed her first win, and a pb by far, and a lead in the pointscore.  A lot of Joggers are recording big times these weeks, must be the warming weather, coming out of hibernation, limbs loosening up.  There will be a host more swelling "badges of honour".   Michael 2nd, Allan 3rd and he hasn't run that fast for a long time.  Sharon and Aidan fastest.  Further back, a big welcome to new member Daniel who was given an only slightly overdone 16min start time.

Bob had such a tale of woe I'm surprised he didn't call 000 ... "Just completed my 'run' ... slowed by a hamstring pulling trip towards the end. Had two [earlier] minor trips, one on Adam’s track, the other on the lower loop, prior to my big trip ... currently resting with my leg elevated with an ice pack ... [and a beer?]"

And yet he was a long way off last - claimed by Danni showing her friend all the highlights of Scenic Hill.

Joggers Dinner plans have been made by the Committee, see Coming Up.


Franks Service Centre continues to be the generous sponsor of the rewards, little momentos of your efforts on the Hill.  Good effort to those who get one, and big thanks to Franks Service Centre for sponsoring, it is appreciated.

If you notice that a time is incorrect (our fault or yours), contact us asap, by next week it is too late to be easily fixed.


A reminder, that zero handicaps are only for the slowest runners and for the walkers, so if you do not fit this description and you are given zero, please enquire with the race director.  It is not usually our mistake, just that prior circumstances have dictated a zero which may need to be changed back (see below).

Also on start times, if you have a Short course handicap (say 8min) and you want to walk, note that we prefer if you walk off that handicap (8min) ... you won't finish far behind, and it saves us a lot of time and possible mistakes in adjustments to and fro (see above).


Please be early to the start line – you should be entered before X:20pm.

Did Not Finish?  We need to know. All non-finishers / short cutters / other issues - report to the race organiser.

Note about Results ... we are putting the results online, at the finish line, so your loved one can know what mood you're in before you get home.  (Will it be a hot bath or a cold shower?  Champagne, or a beer in the dog house?) However ... be aware that these are preliminary results and will almost always change when joggers are added, deleted and edited.  You may drop a few places, rise a few places, or even, heaven forbid, get disq'd.  So if the fine details matter to you, drop back again later.